The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

The Good Attribute handling in the DOM is finally working. MS said that this was one of the hardest things to fix and yet they did it. hashchange events simplify history management. I wish they implemented more of the HTML5 proposals when it comes to history state management but getting an event when the hash ...

Introducing Sam And Max

Last weekend we went to the animal shelter. We were planning to get two cats and we wanted to have a look. We ended up adopting two four month old kittens. They were just too cute and we could not let them stay at the shelter another night.

Reader Friends

One of the wow features of Reader that I’ve been waiting for for a while is now out. I can now easily see what other people have shared. Let the sharing begin!

JScript 5.7

[Revised to not sound as nagging as I always sound] The JScript 5.7 patch is now being pushed to an IE6 computer near you… IE6 uses Jscript 5.6 which has some design flaws when it comes to garbage collection. This is just a small issue for small applications but it is a large issue for ...

Gmail and WebKit. Feel the speed!

If you haven’t tried the new Gmail with a recent nightly WebKit (you need build 523 or later due to one blocking bug in earlier builds) I dare you to try it. With nightly WebKits it takes about 200ms to go from the Inbox to a thread. Anything that takes less than 300ms is perceived ...

Love WebKit, Hate Safari

I love the speed and features of WebKit but I hate the UI of Safari. Maybe I can get over the clumsy UI in time?

Computed vs Cascaded Style

Most JS frameworks and libraries I’ve seen have a function similar to this: function getStyle(el, prop) { if (document.defaultView && document.defaultView.getComputedStyle) { return document.defaultView.getComputedStyle(el, null)[prop]; } else if (el.currentStyle) { return el.currentStyle[prop]; } else { return[prop]; } } So what is wrong with this you might ask? Lets add some background and then we ...

RegExp Tool

My favorite text editor of all time is ActiveState Komodo. I used to use the full/pro version of this but since I was too lazy to buy it so I kept redownloading the trial version every month. A while back ActiveState released a free version of the editor called Komodo Edit. Komodo Edit has almost ...


This morning at 04:42 I felt my first real earthquake since moving to San Francisco. It was very short and it was over before I knew it. However, it left me a feeling of emptiness and I felt a lot more frightened than I would ever have expected.

Google Developer Day

I’m currently at the Google Developer Day waving the Gears flag!