Internet Explorer is removing support for URIs

Forget everything I say below. I’m an idiot. Read the comments to see why. As I mentioned in an earlier post IE is having some very serious problems with URIs that contains user names and passwords. Support for user name and passwords is a required part of the URI specification. Now, instead of fixing the ...

Sortable Table Update

It’s been almost a whole year since we last posted any real updates to WebFX. I finally got together and polished Sortable Table 1.1. I hope this update makes a few people satisfied because it makes it very easy to add custom sort types. function parseUsDate( s ) { var parts = s.split( "/" ); ...

Mozilla Behavior Emulation

Dean Edwards has created an XBL binding that allows Mozilla to use IE behaviors. This is something I’ve thought about doing but I put that on hold because Mozilla does not allow custom style properties. Dean, however came up with a pretty good solution. He uses the id of the binding as the URI to ...

Still no new server

Last year we bought a new server for and moved all the content over. Just a day or so after that some parts of the server hardware broke and we had to order new parts. I was expecting this to be a quick fix but for some reason we are still using the old ...

Mozilla is #1

Do a search for “1″ at Google and see that it is not only me that think that Mozilla is the most logical result for this search.

New IE Update

There is a new Internet Explorer update available.

Merry X-Mas

Tomorrow we all celebrate the birth of Santa Claus, or was it the Tooth Fairy? I just can’t tell all these make belief characters apart! Anyways, I hope you all have a good holiday and remember: Do not eat the yellow snow!

New Server

We’ve finally updated the server running This means that this weblog should not be so ridiculously slow any more and that WebFX should be usable again. We’re still in the process of updating everything so there might be some issues left for a day or so.

FeedDemon and Mozilla

I’ve been using FeedDemon as my aggregator lately. Unfortunately it uses IE as the internal browser so I was forced to open up all pages in an external instance of Mozilla Firebird. This works fairly well but it is a bit annoying. However, today I managed to patch FeedDemon to use Adam Lock’s Mozilla ActiveX ...

The War of the Web, Part 2: Microsoft vs Macromedia

It is now more or less obvious that the browser wars are dead for good. But that does not mean that the battle of the web is over. This time the main battles are all about Rich Internet Applications. A few weeks back Microsoft introduced Avalon and XAML. Now it is time for Macromedia to ...