Something is very wrong with MSXML… An HTA is an HTML Application. It is an executable application format that hosts Internet Explorer in a fully trusted application. This application, like any other executable has full access to your OS and hardware. You can create and delete files, read the registry and more. When using a ...

RCC moves out of SVG 1.2

In the exisiting working draft for SVG 1.2 the W3C adds something called RCC. RCC is a way to define custom elements in SVG. It is very similar to XBL and tries to solve the same issues as both XBL and Microsoft’s behaviors has tried to solve before this. I’ve previously commented about the duplicate ...

20k Spam

Damn, what is up with people opening email attachments. This is just getting ridicilus :’( I think this is a new personal record. 20 000 junk messages in less than 24 hours.


I’m going away snowboarding. I’ll be back in a week.

DHTML Windows

Yesterday I got an email from a lawyer involved in a patent lawsuit regarding DHTML windows. That is internal windows, inside your web browser created using DHTML. I’m almost sure we had DHTML windows in 1997 or 1998. The lawyer is looking for prior art (before Januarey 1st, 1999). I’ve yet to find any proof ...


Dean Edwards is on a killing spree. A few weeks back I posted about his MS behavior emulation for Mozilla. Now his goal is to improve IE6 to support more standards, mostly CSS2, using scripting. The main idea behind the script is to go through the CSS rules and modify them to rules that IE ...

Bindows 1.01

A week ago we released Bindows 1.01. I haven’t posted anything about this earlier because I’ve been too busy. If you haven’t checked out Bindows since our first beta I think you’ll see a lot of interesting new things. The most interestion feature (IMHO) added during the beta phase was to allow the UI to ...

New Server, Second Try

We will try to get the new server working better this time. I’ve just updated MT and did the future proofing of the MT URIs again. Hopefully, this time the hardware will work for a while.

Mozilla Speedpig

It is time for yet another Mozilla Phoenix name change.

SPAM Overload

These last 24 hours I’ve been getting around 500 spam mails per hour. The amount of spam we get actually forced us to turn off Spam Assassin and the virus checker running on our mail server because these were making the server come to a crawl and making anything email related too painful to accept. ...