Switching to WordPress

I’m in the process to switch my weblog to WordPress instead of MovableType. I’ll try to do the transition to my old theme over the weekend (although the default one looks better).

Opera adds SVG Support

Opera has added support for SVG in their browser. Their mobile browser, that is. Since Opera is using the same code base for Windows, Unix, Mac as well as lots of mobile platforms it would not surprise me if we would see this being added to their desktop browser as well. With Mozilla 1.8 having ...

IE7 Beta

I think you have all seen the news about the Internet Explorer 7 beta which is planned for the summer. Nothing has really been said about it more than it will include some anti spyware technology. Meaning: IE6 + Microsoft Antispyware in one and the same installer Seriously, I wonder what it will include? Will ...

DHTML Universe

Alex Russel of netWindows fame, has created a graph containing people in the DHTML Universe and how these relate to each other. Very nice work.

Delegates in JS

I think we’ve all made the mistake while we are doing OOP in JavaScript with this not pointing to what we expected. this.obj.onfoo = this.handleFoo; In the code above this inside handleFoo would point at this.obj and not at this. This is usually worked around with the cumbersome code: var self = this; this.obj.onfoo = ...

State of the Nation

I felt that I have been neglecting my web log for way too long so here comes some short comments about various things. WoW On Monday evening the European World of Warcraft beta ended with a very dissappointing lag party. A hundred people or so was waiting for the demons to arrive and in the ...

Google snags another one (part 2)

Ben Goodger, the lead developer of Mozilla Firefox is now employed by Google. What does this mean for Firefox? Probably not much since he is still working (“devoted”) full time with Firefox, he’s just gettting paid from Google instead of the Mozilla Foundation. What does this mean for Google? This is probably bigger but who ...

iFolder Alternatives?

I just bought a new laptop and now I want to keep certain folders synchronized. My first idea was to use iFolder (mono) but after testing it I found that it was way too imature and I could not get it to work. iFolder seems like the perfect product, if it worked. Does anyone one ...

Bindows Developer?

The following is available in Swedish only but we don’t really care whether you know Swedish or not: Intresserad att jobba med Bindows? Vi har nu annonser ute pa Computer Swedens hemsida Utvecklare Programmerande Teamledare

Merry X-Mas

I’m currently at my parents place celebrating X-Mas. Tomorrow we’ll have a big dinner with my nephew and niece.