Screen Readers Suck

There has been some mumbling about accessibiliy and javascript for quite some time now and today I read the following at the DOM Scripting Task Force blog: It’s also all but impossible for some applications, such as Google Maps. In fact, after some preliminary testing our own Derek Featherstone was so dismayed by the state ...

Microsofties Don’t Get It

ClickOnce has already proved itself to be a failure and I’m pretty sure Avalon will not find its place to be on the web. At least Dare Obasanjo seems to get it.

Visual C# Express Sucks

Visual C# Express 2005 Express Edition Beta 2 is actually a quite nice IDE for developing C# applications. It has a lot of features that make navigating and figuring out the framework a breeze. The reason I think it sucks is the following: I had developed an application for a few hours and to be ...


I installed XP SP2 RC2 last weekend (mostly to get DHTML Menu 4 working) and overall it is a big disappointment… but today I realized that it does not ask me to save XHTML (application/xhtml+xml) files anymore but it actually shows it. Does this mean that IE in SP2 will support XHTML? Unfortunately IE still ...

Fixing MSDN

Add the following to userContent.css to allow reading the articles at MSDN. pre { white-space: pre !important; }

20k Spam

Damn, what is up with people opening email attachments. This is just getting ridicilus :’( I think this is a new personal record. 20 000 junk messages in less than 24 hours.

New IE Update

There is a new Internet Explorer update available.

Same As it Ever Was

It is now clear that the Swedish people do not want any change. Somehow I find it odd that the Swedes are satisfied with falling behind the other OECD countries and that they believe that saying no to change will help Sweden change this pattern. It is also clear that the Swedes do not want ...

General Layout Completed

I’ve created a new CSS based layout. I got the ideas for the layout from the Zunflower layout made by Radu Darvas for the Zen Garden site. Although not even close to being as nice as the source of inspiration this one has a few nifty tricks up its sleave. I originally wanted to achieve ...