Just Married

Just Married
Photo by our friend Stella Loh.

Introducing Sam And Max

Last weekend we went to the animal shelter. We were planning to get two cats and we wanted to have a look. We ended up adopting two four month old kittens. They were just too cute and we could not let them stay at the shelter another night.


This morning at 04:42 I felt my first real earthquake since moving to San Francisco. It was very short and it was over before I knew it. However, it left me a feeling of emptiness and I felt a lot more frightened than I would ever have expected.

This morning…

Falling Down Office Space

WebOS in the News

In 1999 I was working at a company called WebOS that was doing a window environment and application platform that run inside the browser using techniques that nowadays people refer to as Ajax. It seems like it is time for companies to try the same concept again. Ars Technica and ZDNet are covering YouOS (which ...

Goodbye Ice Cream Man

6 Months at Google

Maybe my little April fools joke was a bit too obvious. Me leaving Google for Microsoft? That would never happen. I don’t think anyone ever left Google for Microsoft and there is a reason why. Google is just awesome. At Google I got to work with the smartest people and they have all of the ...

Going to Microsoft

After seeing the inside of a company that believes in the web I’m now certain that the web is dead. That is why I decided to accept an offer to work for Microsoft, not with the web but with Windows. I believe that Windows is the future and the web will continue to be an ...

Emil is on Fire

Emil has been really active lately. Not only did he emulate canvas in IE, he also used it to create a slick charting control for WebFX. On my end: Google is really awesome, San Francisco is the best city ever and my girlfriend is super sweet.

Me, a Googler

With the start of October I’ll be working at Google. It has been a long process over last couple of months and I have been looking forward to starting since the first email. Google has hired a lot of really bright people lately and getting a chance to work with some of them is very ...