Thunderbird 0.6

Today Mozilla Thunderbird 0.6 was released. I don’t think I would have been able to use email at all if it wasn’t for TB. This version has some very nice improvements but I still think that Scott MacGregor should take a step back do some real polishing. I don’t get the same nice feeling that ...

Mozilla Speedpig

It is time for yet another Mozilla Phoenix name change.

Mozilla Behavior Emulation

Dean Edwards has created an XBL binding that allows Mozilla to use IE behaviors. This is something I’ve thought about doing but I put that on hold because Mozilla does not allow custom style properties. Dean, however came up with a pretty good solution. He uses the id of the binding as the URI to ...

Mozilla is #1

Do a search for “1″ at Google and see that it is not only me that think that Mozilla is the most logical result for this search.

FeedDemon and Mozilla

I’ve been using FeedDemon as my aggregator lately. Unfortunately it uses IE as the internal browser so I was forced to open up all pages in an external instance of Mozilla Firebird. This works fairly well but it is a bit annoying. However, today I managed to patch FeedDemon to use Adam Lock’s Mozilla ActiveX ...

Mozilla Release Galore

Today the Mozilla Foundation released 3 new milestones. Most anticipated is the Mozilla Firebird 0.7 release but I snatched the Mozilla Thunderbird 0.3 release as well. I did not install Mozilla 1.5 since I have no use for it any more.

TB 0.2 and Blogging

Mozilla Thunderbird 0.2 is out. This version is based on Mozilla 1.5b so it should be even more stable than it has been before (not that it has ever crashed). Main improvements to this build is that it is a bit faster than 0.1. Still it is a bit slow but the features make up ...

I admit. I’m a Nerd

Doing my daily Mozilla/Bugzilla browsing and I found this bug which also links to another bug.

Thunderbird 0.1 is Out

Thunderbird, the standalone Mozilla Mail client, has reached its first milestone. I’ve been using this since day one and it is very stable (and it is only at 0.1) This is the perfect mail client for anyone tired of spam, tired of OE’s lagging IMAP support, or just plain tired of Outlook’s bloat. Of course ...