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If you’re like me and could not have survived the onslaughter of spam, viruses and real email without Mozilla Thunderbird you might want to consider giving a donation to Scott McGregor and David Bienvenu.

Simple HTML Parser

I’ve been searching high and low for a simple HTML parser. I need a simple HTML parser, written in JS, that has a SAX like interface so that I can filter out potentially unsafe content. I’ve looked at existing Perl, Java, C (and more) parsers but they are either too much or rely to much ...

Firefox 1.0

This is the best browser since… well ever. Get it now! Alternate address.

RSS Sucks

Just think about it. How would your mother, father or some other person that is computer illiterate be able to to make use of RSS. Without good support in the browser or OS there is no way that RSS will be something for non geek users. This all started a few days back when me ...

Sage Developer

I’m now an official developer for the Sage extension for Mozilla Firefox. Sage used to go under the name RSS Reader but when it went open source it also changed its name. Sage is a light weight RSS reader that integrates with Firefox by displaying a sidebar listing your news feeds. My main concerns when ...

Icons are Hard

Today I tried creating a new icon for an RSS reader. I had a pretty good idea and after a few hours of work I got something that I think look pretty good. However, it turns out that I didn’t manage to make the icon look good at 32×32 and my design would not work ...

Firefox 0.9 is out

Get it while it is hot

What a Mess

It seems the Mozilla Foundation is doing another blunder.

Noscript Expand Element

Scott MacGregor wanted some help with improving the way the vCard attachments are drawn in Thunderbird. Since Thunderbird uses the world leading rendering engine he felt that the old way to show the vCard was just too boring. Then TaSK came up with a good looking Photoshop mock-up. However, these have a serious issue and ...

Mozilla Update

It seems Firefox will get its own Windows Mozilla Update. Ben Goodger has put some design documents on his personal web server and I must say that it looks very promising. I just hope that they got som good designers on this. Although I think mozilla.org looks good I think that the update sites should ...