Introducing Sam And Max 4

Last weekend we went to the animal shelter. We were planning to get two cats and we wanted to have a look. We ended up adopting two four month old kittens. They were just too cute and we could not let them stay at the shelter another night.

  • Dean Edwards

    Life must be sweet at Google if you have taken to posting cat pictures. ;-)

    They look like nice cats. :-)

  • Peter Michaux

    Very nice. They are the epitome of cool.

  • Michele (France)

    I have 13 cats at home, 3 of them (siblins) are very similar to the gnger and white you get.
    I wish you as much happiness with your new friends than I have with my own cats.

    And thanks for your very informative pages.

  • Jay

    Sweet! Greetings from my three meezers (siam cats) Ro, cleo and Viola.