Gmail and WebKit. Feel the speed! 4

If you haven’t tried the new Gmail with a recent nightly WebKit (you need build 523 or later due to one blocking bug in earlier builds) I dare you to try it. With nightly WebKits it takes about 200ms to go from the Inbox to a thread. Anything that takes less than 300ms is perceived as instant and it should be the goal of all user initiated actions in an application.

Once you feel the speed of Gmail + WebKit it is hard to beleive that anyone would want to use anything as slow as the alternatives.

  • Martijn

    Well, GMail isn’t the only site that I visit and Safari had quite a few bad quirks, last time I checked.
    I try to avoid the new GMail as long as possible, because it seems to break the scroll position when using the back button, which is really annoying for me.

  • Erik Arvidsson

    I agree that the scroll pos bug is annoyoing… I’ll check the status of that bug on Monday

  • Martijn

    Hey Erik, thanks for looking into it!
    Now with Google’s reputation, I would think it will be fixed in a few days or so ;)

  • Martijn

    Another issue that I’m having with the new GMail is that wen composing a mail, the textarea has become much wider than it was in the old interface.
    The problem is that I’m used to the smaller textarea, because you don’t get those endless long lines with the text then. The text wraps with the width of the textarea.

    Btw, is there a forum or Google group where you can submit these bugs to? I don’t think I should continue these things into your blog, probably.