Love WebKit, Hate Safari 7

I love the speed and features of WebKit but I hate the UI of Safari. Maybe I can get over the clumsy UI in time?

  • Stuart Langridge

    Is there not a Webkit-but-not-Safari browser on the Mac? If you have Linux boxes available then there’s a Webkit browser for Linux with a different (minimal at the moment, I think) UI.

  • Erik Arvidsson

    OmniWeb uses Webkit

  • Auguste Baldessin

    Shiira maybe ?

    here :

  • Sebastian Werner

    Shiira use it definitely. But what exactly you find clumsy? With the new Leopard skin it look quite good on Macs.

  • Erik Arvidsson

    The look of the UI is not so bad on a Mac. The look of the UI on Windows is terrible.

    I found the way that tabs work, the keyboard shortcuts, no support for back/forward mouse buttons etc to annoy me to death.

    Shiira: I’ll give it a try when I figure out how to get it to run with a nightly webkit. Safari 2 webkits are a joke. They don’t even support ECMAScript correctly.

  • FremyCompany

    Skin for Safari BETA (I did’nt found time to update it for the 3.1 final version, but it show it’s possible) :

  • COP

    Master Yoda, Your reference to the future, now I understand.