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My favorite text editor of all time is ActiveState Komodo. I used to use the full/pro version of this but since I was too lazy to buy it so I kept redownloading the trial version every month. A while back ActiveState released a free version of the editor called Komodo Edit.

Komodo Edit has almost all the features I use. Almost. One feature that I missed pretty soon after changing was the RegExp editor. It is a pretty simple tool that allows you to type in a regular expression, some sample text and it would show you the groups etc. So, I decided I would just reimplement this in DHTML (no AJAX here).

Regular Expression Tool

The implementation is pretty simple. It uses input/propertychange events to track changes to the text areas and then applies the regular expression to the test text and displays the result in a tree. For the tree I used xTree2b which has been in beta for a few years now…

Updated: I added labels to the textfields and the result area.

  • Stephen Clay

    You may also want to check out:
    This got me through some hard times :)

  • Paul Colton

    Looks great. Do you have any issues with my integrating this into our Aptana IDE? If so, please contact me at paul at aptana dot com.

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  • tom h

    Nice tool, but some form labels wouldn’t hurt. Took me a few trys and a crash in order to figure out that I was entering the regex in the wrong field.

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  • Lonnie Lee Best

    Regular Expression: [^L]*
    Sample Text: Lonnie is here

    Result should be: onnie is here
    Result is: [nothing]

  • Lonnie Lee Best

    Also, the expression and sample (mentioned previously) also generates an endless loop when all options are checked.

    I like what your trying to do. JavaScript currently provides an incomplete regular expression engine. It doesn’t support ?

  • Lonnie Lee Best

    Your validation cut off my message. It apparently won’t allow (?

  • Lonnie Lee Best

    Instead off deleting stuff in brackets you should convert brackets to their html code.
    Here’s the remainder of my message (hand encoded):

    ?<= positive look-behind or ?<! negative look-behind. I hope those features are soon supported though.

    Another tool:

  • Lonnie Lee Best

    It was the left brackets above that prevented my message from posting earlier.

  • Chris Phillips

    Dosen’t work in IE6

  • Graham

    Very cool, saved me some time figuring my little problem out.

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