The new Reader is so Good 10

I guess most of you tried out Google Reader when it launched about a year ago and I don’t think a lot people tried it twice. I’ve been using it for the last year (no more Sage for me) but it had some serious drawbacks. The new Google Reader on the other hand is just a stroke of genius.

  • lewislv

    But, I think you maybe are working at that mission. Is that right, Erik? You posted a advertisment, :)

  • David Håsäther

    Just tried it and it seems much better than the previous version. Looking forward to better support in Opera though :-)

  • Scott Johnson

    I have been using Google Reader ever since it came out. This new version doesn’t work so well for those, like me, who wish to not touch the mouse. It sure is pretty, though.

  • David Håsäther

    Scott, did you try the keyboard shortcuts? Haven’t tried them much, but they seem to work well.

  • Erik Arvidsson

    I’m not working on the reader team.

  • Mariano

    I tried it when it was firs released, hated it (or didn’t understand the concept). I’ve started using the new one and, like you, forgot about sage. I works great, and it has much more features (mail, share, viewing complete folders, show only updated, etc).
    Did you work in it?

  • Nicholas C. Zakas

    I have to say, I had the same reaction as everyone else when I tried the first version of Google Reader which was…I didn’t get it. This new version is much better, I’ve completely given up on Bloglines and switched over to it. And I haven’t looked back yet.

  • Halans

    Same for me. I used Sage, but it was a mess keeping track of changes between firefox at home and firefox at work, exporting/importing opml files. I also like the starring and sharing. Still how come there’s no search field? I also wish I could tag individual items (in stead of going to the article and tag it there trough delicious)(is there a greasemonkey script anyone knows about?)

  • Oliver Tse

    Hi Erik,

    I agree. Google’s Reader is one really well done piece of work.
    I love the “live” scroll!


  • Grey

    It’s Google.

    I.e. doesn’t work tooo good in Opera (though doesn’t seem to explicitely block it, a good sign).

    I rather use Opera anyways, but if I’m not home, that’s the only alternative.