coComment 5

When coComment first came out I was totally excited. The goal of coComment is to keep track of all the worlds web comments. Basically this allows me to see when someone replies to a comment to a blog without me going back to look at that page. This is something I have wanted a long time and I felt that forums and weblogs where a huge step backwards from usenet in this aspect.

However, upon its initial launch it was a big let down. I had to use a bookmarklet and it would only keep track of comments added in this way. This meant that it would only be able to keep track of people using coComment, which of course is far from everyone.

About a month ago they added some features that totally changed this. They added a crawler that crawls the web for conversations. There is no longer a need for other people to use coComment for me to see their comments. They added a Firefox extension (although their extension is badly designed from an architecture standpoint). I no longer need to use a bookmarklet, it just adds some exrta UI to the comment forms of weblogs. And they updated their UI to use a Gmail like conversation view (something I cannot live without in an email client any more).

  • splintor

    Why don’t you use
    It seems much better. I use it, and love it.

  • Erik Arvidsson

    Looking at co.mments it seems like I have to use a bookmarklet (which sucks) and I don’t see them crawling but I could be wrong.

  • Simon

    Thanks for this link, coComment seems to as a very interesting..

  • Emil A Eklund

    Got to agree with you there. Haven’t used it much yet but it certainly makes it a lot easier to track conversations.
    It’s one of those things you didn’t realized you where missing until you tried it.

  • foxy

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