Going to Microsoft 7

After seeing the inside of a company that believes in the web I’m now certain that the web is dead. That is why I decided to accept an offer to work for Microsoft, not with the web but with Windows. I believe that Windows is the future and the web will continue to be an inferior alternative to Microsoft Word documents. I believe the future is in fat applications written in .Net and launched through ClickOnce. ClickOnce is awesome and I believe it will revolutionize the way people use the web. Who wants to go to a web page when they can download and install the application on their local machine?

As of Monday I’ll be working from the Microsoft Redmond campus. I’m so excited

  • http://dean.edwards.name/ Dean Edwards

    The famous Swedish sense of humour? ;-)

  • http://www.biasecurities.com/blogs/jim Jim Geurts

    Crazy… I also accepted a position at Microsoft, today. Windows Live team, though.. I figure I could help them shape the user experience of their Live products to match Windows… I’m already working on a really blue screen that I plan to populate with cryptic error codes. As a bonus (touted as a security enhancement), it’ll close the browser and shutdown the computer.

  • http://www.ugia.cn legend

    Is prank or …? :(

  • http://annevankesteren.nl/ Anne van Kesteren

    Dean, last year you bought a similar joke :-)

  • http://dean.edwards.name/ Dean Edwards

    Doh! I was hoping you’d forget that.

  • lzlhero

    Oh, too quickly job change. First worked in google, and now in Microsoft. But I don’t belive *fat applications* are good idea for instead of Web application. Because they are used by situation.

  • lzlhero

    April Fools’ Day! Oh, I was fooled.