Emil is on Fire 7

Emil has been really active lately. Not only did he emulate canvas in IE, he also used it to create a slick charting control for WebFX.

On my end: Google is really awesome, San Francisco is the best city ever and my girlfriend is super sweet.

  • Diabolics

    Talkning about webFX, maybee this is a place to put a WebFX banner?


  • Micha Schopman

    Yeah, Emil did a really nice job on the components. It is a pitty his articles about xmlHttpRequest (like the performance tests) are so hidden in his personal space. He might put them on WebFX so more people find them. I think they are valuable pieces of info for everyone.

  • http://me.eae.net/ Emil A Eklund

    Thanks Micha, I actually intend to revisit the xml http performance article, now that firefox 1.5 is out. Just updated the scripts for it a few days ago…

  • Micha Schopman

    Oh no .. the F word. Well FF 1.5 is a mess. I just added this bug, and it is really freaky. I have added others also, but this .. oh my.


  • Guilherme Blanco

    Emil is insane! The idea is awesome, but I experienced a lot of errors when I tested it.

    Congrats for your girlfriend erik!


  • Martijn

    Micha, Mozilla1.7 isn’t doing anything better on that bug, so FF1.5 is certainly nor more ‘a mess’ than FF1.0.
    And that bug really needs a minimal testcase (although it could be a duplicate).

  • http://erik.eae.net Erik Arvidsson

    Micha, I never thought anyone would say Firefox 1.5 is a mess. It is lot less messy than Mozilla 1.7.x and Firefox 1.0.x.