Me, a Googler 33

With the start of October I’ll be working at Google. It has been a long process over last couple of months and I have been looking forward to starting since the first email.

Google has hired a lot of really bright people lately and getting a chance to work with some of them is very inspiring.

I really want to thank Aaron and Alex. Without your support I’m not sure the choice would have been this easy.

I have one more week here in Sweden and I’ll be working at my current job throughout the entire week. There are just too many things to do at MB Technonlogies and with the move and everything else going on there will not be much time for real work. I really hope they’ll do fine and I’ll do anything in my power to make sure the guys will survive without me.

“When life is on repeat it is time to move on” – Pontus Alv

  • David Håsäther

    Wow. Congrats Erik :-)

  • David Håsäther

    What will you be working with BTW?

  • Dean Edwards

    Congratulations Erik! You already told me of course but now I get to congratulate you publicly. Don’t forget to use your “20%” time helping me on the Web Forms 2.0 project. ;-)

  • Erik Arvidsson

    David: I cannot tell you what I’ll be working with.

    Dean: I have another idea for my 20% but we’ll see…

  • Jorge Schrauwen

    Wow, great news…
    I’m sure google will put your skill’s to great use.

  • Michael van Ouwerkerk

    Awesome! And congrats Erik :) I can’t believe that so many of the people I have learned from are going to be in one place together. Add the 20% private time to the equation, then I must say I’m looking forward to some sweet new stuff gentlemen :)

  • ioriwellings


  • foO

    oh wow…. congradulations erik!!!!

    you sly dawg, not even a peep about it until now… hahaha

    understandable, of course, but that’s just great!

  • Erik Arvidsson

    Thanks. It has been hard keeping my mouth shut.

  • Espen Antonsen

    Congratulations! Will be interesting to see how your “20% project” turns out.

  • Hakan Bilgin

    Congratulations man,
    They have in deed hired a bright one now…

    Good luck on your new job. Hopefully, you’ll keep this blog a live and share some secrets (tihi).

  • Jeremy

    Sweeeeet, Erik!

    Congrats! With you on board, I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out of Google.

  • Dimitri Glazkov

    It’s a big treat, and you deserved it. I hope Google stays cool and lets you chill. They’ve gotten one of the best in the field.

  • Nicholas

    Congratulations man, you deserve it. I hope they treat you well.

  • Vaidas

    Gratz, Erik!

  • ScriptDaddy

    WOW! … Excellent Erik. You lucky git!

    All the best on the new job … make sure you keep us up to date with how life is in GoogleVille.

  • Jonas

    Congratulations Erik!!!

  • Charlie

    Congrats Erik – Thats great news.

  • Srikanth Bhakthan

    Congrats Erik!

  • Glen Murphy

    Holy moly kickarse.

  • Guilherme Blanco

    I’m a bit late, but the intention is the best.

    I’m really proud to see a good friend being recognized. This makes anyone happy, specially if this friend has been working hard for years. I remember 2003 when after some real good time Erik wasn’t online and when he cames in November asked me to take a look at a simple XML, result of over an year of job.
    Also, I can remember (this year) when he was in doubt to travel to USA to have an interview or not. Even he doesn’t telling anything, I thought that a real good thing will happen to such an old online friend.

    Now that everything is public, all I can tell you is to follow your mind and put all your effort in your job. You’re a great man and I wish everything good to you. Maybe some day I’ll have the pleasure to meet everyone that I talk on ICQ/MSN, and you’re one of the top in my list.

    I have nothing more to say than congratulations, man! =)


  • mikx

    Wow, congrats!

    Honestly i learned a good part of my DHTML skills from stuff you did – which is somewhat essential for the job i am doing today. It’s really time to THANK YOU!

    Good luck and keep on doing things “never thought possible” :)

  • JaViS

    Hey! congrats, you’re my idol now ^^ XD

    Bindows will have news nereleases??

  • jimbo

    congrats man!! welcome to California :)

  • tim scarfe

    They don’t deserve you :)

  • Jared Nuzzolillo

    Congratulations Erik! One of my ‘dreams’ is to work at Google. Now you can tell me whether it’s really what it’s hyped up to be and put in a good word for me! ;-)

    But honestly mate, you deserve the best, and you may have finally got it. I’m sure you’ll keep making me and the rest of your friends very proud!

    What is your specific title?

  • Erik Arvidsson

    The fancy title is “Software Engineer” ;-)

  • Robert Nyman

    Congratulations Erik! On behalf of all Swedes, I’m proud!

  • trent

    does this have anything to do with

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  • doug

    Long time follower of WebFX, congrats.

  • Susan

    Conratulations from me :)

  • Scott Barnes

    Lucky bastard! heh.

    Grats Erik, you’ve earned it. Hope its all going well there.