Free Opera 9

Opera web browser has broken the chains of ad-ware. The desktop version is now free.

Opera is the fastest browser on the earth. It has excellent HTML, XHTML, XML, DOM, CSS, and JS support. It also supports SVG tiny.

  • nitro2k01

    That’s great! Not that I couldn’t stand the tiny google ads though…

  • David Håsäther

    Great news. Thanks.

  • minghong

    I thought the fastest browser on earth is lynx/link. ;-)

  • Erik Arvidsson

    Nope. Opera is faster than lynx ;-)

  • minghong

    @Erik Arvidsson, I guess you are kidding. Try loading a graphics-intensive website in both Opera and Lynx ,using a 56K modem. You’ll notice the differences. :-P

  • Erik Arvidsson

    Yeah, the graphics are incorrectly rendered in Lynx ;-)

  • nitro2k01

    However, Opera has a button to turn off images, which will make it the fastest browser after all!

  • John Fishman

    I was not stirred at all by advertising.

  • Susan

    Opera is much more faster than lynx… By the way these two products can’t be compare. To different.