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Microsoft Script Editor is probably one of the lesser known tools that can really make a difference when it comes to developing web applications. MSE is a debugger, much like Visual Studio and it comes bundled with Microsoft Office. It should not be mistaken for Microsoft Script Debugger which is a piece of crap compared to MSE. MSE got all the nice features Visual Studio has without the bloat.

MSE is installed at %ProgramFiles%/Microsoft Office/OFFICE11/MSE7.exe. Older versions might be installed at a slightly different location and if you cannot find it just search for mse. If you still cannot find it and you have an old Microsoft Office CD lying around you can install it from there. If you select custom install or add remove components it should be located under Microsoft Office / Office Tools / HTML Tools /Web Scripting / Web Debugging.

By default script debugging is disabled in IE but you can enable it by
unchecking Tools / Internet Options... / Advanced / Disable script
debugging (Internet Explorer).

So how do you use this mysterious tool? MSE allows you to debug exisiting IE processes but more importantly it is triggered by the debugger statement (which by the way also works if you have Venkman opened for Mozilla). If you already have IE up and running or you can’t edit the source files of the web application you can get into the debug mode by opening the Debug / Processes dialog and from there select the process to attach to.

Once in debugg mode you can step through the program to see what is going on. Out of the box not much is shown but things like local variables, watch, running documents, call stack and more is available to you under Debug / Window.

  • collector

    There is also Script Debugger from Microsoft which can be installed without MS Office.

  • wang

    where can i find a standalone install, i need it

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  • Alex


  • Michael

    @Collector – Where is this Standalone Script Editor? All I can find is the worthless Script Debugger.

    I can’t believe the Script Editor is only available if you have Office, another reason why Microsoft and IE suck!

  • Sagkosh

    well microsoft sucks thats a known fact .. i cant believe theres no easy way to install a simple @#$#ing script editor for IE (another microsoft failure)..
    people for gods sake get FireFox .. way better than IE in ANY way

  • Ruth

    How to install Microsoft Script Editor

  • chris Broll

    Possible Debuggers – what’s up?

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  • http://Google Charlotte Hamm

    I am constantly getting a popup telling me that I have a Microsoft error of some sort. I’ve tried contacting the Microsoft script editor only to get a long, drawn out message that is of no help to me – I do not know enough about the workings of the computer to be able to follow such complicated instructions. What do I do with the error popup and is there a way to correct the error. I have clicked on “fix the error” and it promptly tells me it can’t. I assume I do not have the right gear. Answer please.

  • http://Idontknow bogy

    i don t now how can download

  • Mark Trainer

    I am having the same error. Can anyone help?

  • Jenna Whitlock

    I get the Just-in-Time debugging error and it asks if I would like to use Microsoft Script Editor to debug now. I click yes. It pops up Microsoft word and everything seems to be going fine, but then another error “Unable to open registry key ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\DELL\HWDiag\PCDpath’ for reading.” appears. Can someone please help me out here?

    Internet Explorer gives me an error every time I try to use it and Mozilla keeps randomly crashing on me. Help?

  • Veronica

    Microsoft ROCKS!!! I feel so bad when people say bad things about microsoft! Apple looks like a toy, and Microsoft is the best!

  • Computer Guy

    Get real dude! Microsoft rules.

  • ove fryd petersen

    jeg kan ikke downloade microsoft script editor

  • J.T. Craddock

    OK – I’m very new to Script Editor and creating forms within MS Word but I’ve learned alot. I’m working in MS Word 2003 and have created a form. In the form I have a text box (Text7) for the user to enter his SSN. Within the options I have it set-up as regular text with no options. I didn’t set as numbers as the user would enter the dashes. I’ve copied the Script Editor and pasted below. Here’s my problem (or question). Once protected and saved and reopened, the text entered into this field (& others) is not input in the font (size or type) as set-up. I want it entered as Arial 9.0 and it is entered as Times New Roman size 12 pushing the entry below the row. Is there some way to set (lock) the font type and size within Script Editor or otherwise? I have another text box set-up with options set as date format and it reverts automatically to the font desired (starts out as Times New Roman 12 but after entered and user tabs to next entry the data switches).

    Arial 9.0 is listed in the code…Here is the code:

    style=’mso-spacerun:yes’>        FORMTEXT 232-23-2456

  • Joey

    I need to use microsoft scripts editor in office 2010, does anyone know how can I get it?

  • cherry Bond

    How do I Disable Microsoft Script Debugging as it pops up all the time and takes many clicks to stop it

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