XSLT in JS 4

I know this one is not too new but is still very interesting.

Steffen Meschkat has created an XPath, XSLT and DOM engine written in pure javascript. Steffen works for Google and I believe this excellent piece of code was written in his 20 percent time to allow Opera and Safari to work with Google Maps.

My main complaints at the moment is that I think the name of the project/product is really bad and that the js interpreters are still too slow.

  • http://dean.edwards.name/ Dean Edwards

    Other than that it completely rocks! This is the best JS code I’ve seen on the web.

    Like I said on IM, I think Google are just showing off cos that they’ve got the best programmers. ;-)

  • http://erik.eae.net Erik Arvidsson

    Adam Platti wrote at another place:

    > We like to call it “Ajax Slut”.


  • John Walker

    I’d be facinated to see a working example of this script. It seems the sourceforge packages for both versions 1 & 2 are now mysteriously broken (also confirmed by chatter on google groups). Are the examples supposed to work? Since this is open source, I’d be greatly in your debt to take a peek at what you downloaded.

    Has anyone else has tried to use this script lately!?!

    PS: You’re right about the silly ‘ajax’ name…

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