Microsofties Don’t Get It 5

ClickOnce has already proved itself to be a failure and I’m pretty sure Avalon will not find its place to be on the web.

At least Dare Obasanjo seems to get it.

  • M. Schopman

    I stopped discussing such topics with people that are so brainwashed by everything. The people who still believe the crap about Avalon for the web are so blinded that I am wasting my time. In the meanwhile, I am having a blast developing stuff with DHTML for the web that is used by people and I see they also love it. Good enough for me.

  • Julian Turner

    I am not sure if you have made a style adjustment, but on IE6, the shadow on the left column of your web site is overlapping the text on the right by about 10px.

  • Erik Arvidsson

    No, I haven’t changed anything and it works fine for me in IE6.

  • Erik Arvidsson

    If I set View / Text Size to Smallest I see something that resembles what you are describing. Reseting the text size to medium (default) removes the issue. Is this what you are seeing?

  • Julian Turner

    That is what I am seeing.

    How strange, medium now seems to be working for me too. I saw the same effect for medium yesterday, but not today.

    Sorry to have troubled you.