My Daily Startup 6

Since Foo did it and to prevent the rumours of my death to spread any further I’m gonna do the same thing. These are the programs I usually launch when I start one of my computers:

  • Dean Edwards

    Just Trillian for me but UltraEdit and Thunderbird get opened and closed a lot.

  • D

    what rumors? I think erik coded a AI-rutine in js to cover his absence and then got picked up by an alien spacecraft and is currently residing in another dimension…

  • Erik Arvidsson


  • Guilherme Blanco

    None of them for me…

    - Windows Media Player
    - MSN
    - GMail and HotMail
    - My WebServer Folder
    - Eclipse (one of my editors)
    - ConTEXT (another editor) – used for quick changes

    I wish in a near future I have enough knowledge and time to build my own editor… rofl


  • Rune G


    Yes I understand that the rumors were spread from this guy called ” red fox”
    I met him a while ago at church camp.
    Anyway I have heard that this Erik a.k.a Arvis “Klatschoff” also does some other stuff like taking a dump.

    / Rune G

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