Errors and AJAX 4 has an article called Errors and AJAX where they suggest that client side errors should be reported back to the server for logging. This sounds a bit familiar to me. Me and Emil did the same thing back in 1999.

I guess it all comes back around sooner or later.

4 thoughts on “Errors and AJAX

  1. hzr May 27,2005 11:53

    I’m not surprised. You’re always ahead of your time :-)

  2. Diabolics May 27,2005 13:46

    The question is weather U have comunicated this to the people at Or is that against your humble lifestyle?

  3. Erik Arvidsson May 27,2005 15:26

    I like what do. They get the information out. Something that I’m not very good at.

  4. Diabolics May 27,2005 15:49

    k, but why invent the wheel again? surely people gain from knowledge about related work?, well I put that comment mostly to test the comment notifier ;)

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