Copy Cat 12

I really liked what Forgetfoo did with his Comment Notifier and I was planning to get mine out before he wrote about it but our server was down yesterday due to maintainance. So, I had to wait with the server side implementation until tonight.

My solution tries to mimic the popup notifier that MSN Messenger introduced. Basically it checks once every minute and sees if a new comment has been added. My solution ended up being more or less a copy paste from the previous experiments I did with Tunage.

12 thoughts on “Copy Cat

  1. Emil A Eklund May 25,2005 13:04

    Got to see it in action!

  2. Jared Nuzzolillo May 26,2005 17:07


    I hope all is well… I’m interesting in what you are up to with this Web 2.0 stuff… send me an email if you get a moment.


  3. Jared Nuzzolillo May 26,2005 17:07

    Oh wow! That’s awesome… :-)

  4. Erik Arvidsson May 27,2005 00:05

    Hi Jared. Long time ago. How are you? Time to pick up DHTML again?

  5. frank May 29,2005 03:48

    wow, great idea.

  6. Claudio Jun 3,2005 18:26

    So, where is it?

  7. testing Jun 4,2005 23:34

    This is a test.

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