Targetted Spam 2

No wonder this spam mail got through my spam filters.

Good Day,
My name is XXX, I’m a writer from XXX, XXX, XXX. I have a 1200 page Dynamic HTML Reference that I am now selling licenses for. The entire reference, with tutorials, is yours for $350.00. The reference can be seen at the below address:


The reference is complete and encompasses HTML, CSS, DOM, and JavaScript and was written entirely by myself. This book was too big to publish on paper, but is perfect for the internet, as you can see. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. I’m looking forward to hearing from you.



Hahaha, what a joke… I wonder if he realized who would get this?

  • Emil A Eklund


  • Guilherme Blanco

    A 1200 pages book can’t be published… I can list more than 5 books that have more than this number of pages
    - Professional C#
    - JavaScript Bible Gold Ed.
    - Delphi 7
    - Professional C/C++ Bible
    - PHP5 Bible
    - …
    Anyway, that’s a good way to spam… hehehe