New Computer 8

Over the weekend I assembled my new computer. It is an AMD 64 with Windows XP Pro x64 Edition so now the task of finding programs compiled for x64 starts.

This time I’m trying to keep away from a few programs that I’ve found annoying over the years. The first task I’m at is to find a new music player. WinAmp is too slow and WiMP cannot handle Ogg Vorbis and the DB in WiMP is not too good. I found a program called musikCube which I really like. It has great potential but as usual there are a few things that I would like. A few comments:

  • Fast. musikCube is really fast.
  • Good data base. musikCube uses some kind of SQL db and is super good here. It could use some improvements on the UI to do advanced searches. One cannot expect people to know SQL.
  • Good user interface. musikCube could use some improvements here but at least it is not using some stupid skin like WiMP or WinAmp. It uses native controls to some extent but it has some way left to reach the HIG. When it comes to UI a think the Gnome music players are the one that has really taking the lead.
  • The tag editing is a bit buggy and I ended up installing Mp3tag, a program that I’ve found really useful over the years.

This program still has some way to go but at the moment I feel it is a bit like Mozilla Firefox; Simple and powerful!

  • David Håsäther

    Have you tried foobar2000 ? Very customizable and also a really good user interface IMO. Dunno if there are x64 builds.

    (Columns UI is a must have component BTW).

  • David Håsäther

    The URLs disappeared: (main app) and (Columns UI component)

  • Guilherme Blanco

    Nice link (musikCube).

    Talking about editors, have you looked at Eclipse (, that is a Java Editor, but with some plugin it can handle any kind of language… for example: provides the PHP plugin.
    Another one that can run without any problem is ConTEXT ( It’s the best text editor IMHO.

    If I find any other good software, I’ll notify you.

    Ah… and please, don’t stop posting you tips of JavaScript! =)


  • Erik Arvidsson

    I have tried Foobar2000 but if you compare Foobar and musikCube I would say Foobar is Seamonkey and musikCube us Firefox ;-)

  • Emil A Eklund

    musikCube is really nice… I like it! Thanks.

  • Emil A Eklund

    …it’s very slow when I add my entire music collection though, even on a moderately fast machine (p4 2.8 GHz) :(

  • Erik Arvidsson

    Slow when adding or after when it has been added?

    I added my entire collection from a file share (14Gig on my 3800) and it was pretty fast.

  • Emil A Eklund

    After, takes a few seconds for the albums to show up once an artist has been selected.