Tips, Tricks and Recommendations 4

I think I came up with quite a few good subjects to cover here at my weblog. I will be posting tips, tricks and recommendations covering JavaScript, DHTML as well as designing APIs. These are all of course my personal views and based on experiences from both WebFX, WebOS, Bindows as well as from my education in Computer Science.

  • javis

    great stuff!!
    there exists any link to WebOS running?

  • Erik Arvidsson

    I think there is a public web site somewhere… let me dig a bit

  • javis

    great! I hope to see that legend :D

  • Leon Bollerup

    Hey Guys

    You can start by looking at and – i think they are both some of the best, VIKI.OS is proberly the most advanced webos online.

    Project Manager, VIKI.OS