Opera adds SVG Support 3

Opera has added support for SVG in their browser. Their mobile browser, that is. Since Opera is using the same code base for Windows, Unix, Mac as well as lots of mobile platforms it would not surprise me if we would see this being added to their desktop browser as well.

With Mozilla 1.8 having SVG support and Opera getting it soon (I can always hope) 2005 might be the year that SVG delivers on its promise.

  • http://annevankesteren.nl/ Anne

    I wonder if they are going to do that as long as they do not have native SVG support. Or do they have that?

    Cause people will probably want to mix it with other namespaces I assume.

  • http://me.eae.net/ Emil A Eklund

    Sweet! Now all we need is for MS to include SVG support in the upcoming IE7! However I sincerely doubt that they will actually include that… Seems like they wouldn’t want to risk making the IE, and the web, a richer client than it already is.

  • http://erik.eae.net Erik Arvidsson

    Anne: Well… they got Hixie on their team so my expectations are high ;-)