State of the Nation 2

I felt that I have been neglecting my web log for way too long so here comes some short comments about various things.


On Monday evening the European World of Warcraft beta ended with a very dissappointing lag party. A hundred people or so was waiting for the demons to arrive and in the meantime tried to challenge each other to duels with 15 seconds of lag. No demons showed up (but a lot of nude dancing) due to the servers being under too much pressure… still, I’ll get the retail on Friday and another weekend will pass without any RL interaction.


We have opened an office in Gothenburg Sweden. This is huge step forward for me because I no longer need to work from home. We are currently hiring people (2 programmers, 1 team leader/programmer and 1 pre sales programmer). Version 1.3 should be out within 2 weeks with tons of bugfixes and improvements. Bindows is to the web what Windows was to DOS ;-)

Google and the web

The Google slogan is “Do no evil”. In the end Google might end up being as evil as Microsoft is. It all depends. Lots of people seem to think that it is evil to make money. If a company isn’t in it for the money something fishy is going on.

At the moment Google is definately doing a lot of good. They are finally bringing DHTML to the masses. Google maps (although fucking slow on my 13 Mbit/s DSL) is really nice. They are really using DHTML to make web applications more usable. I love what they are doing. They bring a fresh breaze to UI and are not afraid of thinking outside the box.

A lot of people got amazed by their auto complete feature in Google suggest. Autocomple is nothing new. It was done in IE4 by some bright people if I’m not mistaken ;-). The way that Google maps is working has been around for a long time as well. Still, what they do is take these good idea and pushes them into the publics face. I can hardly think of a better way to tell the world: We don’t need no stinkin XAML ;-)

Well, to compete with XAML DOM needs to mature. And this is where Google really is helping out. It did not take long for Opera to implement the missing features to be able to support GMail flawlessly. Opera is the champ in my eyes. They do see the need for things and are really fast to adjust. If you give them a real world scenario where Opera is not good enough they will solve the issue, and fast.

Another sign that web standars and browsers are becoming mature can be found in this Mozilla bug. Mozill now supports a way to define the role of DHTML components so that screen readers know what to do. Try to achieve this in IE today and you’ll find your hair getting thinner by the day.


Once again I’m apologizing. WebFX need a lot more love than I have been giving it. xTree 2 is still not released… The code is very stable and working well but there is no documentation/article written yet and releasing something without documentation is not really in the WebFX spirit.


Avalon is nice (no matter what I said above). Avalon is however very immature. Too many crucial UI controls are missing and as a proof of concept Microsoft will stick to Win32 and MFC in Longhorn and Office.

It is really sad that MS did not put the effort they put into Avalon improving an already proven and working platform like web standards. Time will tell if Microsoft manage to make the web into a windows only thing… everything points towards their failure though.

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