iFolder Alternatives? 3

I just bought a new laptop and now I want to keep certain folders synchronized.

My first idea was to use iFolder (mono) but after testing it I found that it was way too imature and I could not get it to work. iFolder seems like the perfect product, if it worked. Does anyone one know of a similar product that do work today?

  • http://me.eae.net/ EAE

    If you don’t mind installing cygwin (or at least a subset of it) rsync does pretty much what you want, and it just works.

    If that’s not an option there are a ton of folder synchronization applications for windows, just google for it. Or, if you’re feeling lucky, you might even get the ‘briefcase’ thing in windows to work.

  • http://erik.eae.net Erik Arvidsson

    I want it automated and instant. As soon as I change a file a want it to update the files on the other machines (a few minutes lag should be fine). I also want it to do the synchronization when 2 computers can see each other. Turning on the lap top when I get home or transfering the files over the internet if there is an internet connection.

    I did search google and tucows to no avail… I’ll give it another shot

  • http://me.eae.net/ EAE

    Hmmm, I used to have a program that worked just like that, I’ll try to find it when I get home.

    Anyway, you could easily create a small shell script that runs every minute or so (using cron or windows scheduling) and checks if the laptop is available, and if it is starts rsync.
    Requires cygwin and takes some time to set up properly, but once it’s working you won’t have to worry about it ever again. You could even configurate it to occasionally rsync to /home/backup/erik on shark.eae.net if you want it backed up to tape.