Bindows Developer? 1

The following is available in Swedish only but we don’t really care whether you know Swedish or not:

Intresserad att jobba med Bindows? Vi har nu annonser ute pa Computer Swedens hemsida

  • Leonardo Alberto Celis


    Greetings from Argentina!

    My name is Leonardo Alberto Celis, I’m Marketing Director and Bindows Developer.

    I would like to contribute with this entry ( or simliar if you want to modified):

    BeDesk Social Desktop

    We invited to anyone who want to participate in the first Bindows Open
    Source project.

    “BeDesk is a social desktop based on Bindows. The mision is create a global
    interface for public APIs from other popular web applications. We invited to

    anyone who want to participate and develop services oriented to users
    collaboration across desktops.”

    Please visit and check SVN Browse for

    download the code.

    We specially invited you to participate in the project, you will be the greatest guest honor.

    Congratulations for the blog and Bindows!,