Go Glen

This is what Glen Murphy has been working on since he started at Google.

The W3C’s Response to HTML5

So it seems that the W3C are finally realizing that XForms and SVG 1.2 is not going to replace the web. Today they annonced the Web API Working Group which is basically doing exactly what the WHATWG has been doing for more than a year. I really hope that no one is reinventing the wheel ...

Opera 9 Preview

Some highlights/rants of a great product. Improved SVG support Initial DOM support. In 8.5 one could not manipulate the SVG using scripting. Opera now partially supports using CSS with SVG (no :hover support). Canvas Support This is dog slow… they really need to do something about it or remove it entirely. Web Forms 2 Basic ...

Me, a Googler

With the start of October I’ll be working at Google. It has been a long process over last couple of months and I have been looking forward to starting since the first email. Google has hired a lot of really bright people lately and getting a chance to work with some of them is very ...

Free Opera

Opera web browser has broken the chains of ad-ware. The desktop version is now free. Opera is the fastest browser on the earth. It has excellent HTML, XHTML, XML, DOM, CSS, and JS support. It also supports SVG tiny.

Typed Programming

Typed programming can be nice but when you have to write something like this things have gone too far: Microsoft.Msn.Hotmail.SortBy _sortBy = (Microsoft.Msn.Hotmail.SortBy) Enum.Parse(typeof(Microsoft.Msn.Hotmail.SortBy), aSortBy); Compared to a dynamic typed language: var _sortBy = aSortBy;

Atlas Comments

Last night I looked a bit at Atlas and its Quick Start tutorials. With the risk of sounding like I hate Microsoft I’ll write down some thoughts… Atlas is nice. I really like a lot of it. There are tons of things that I don’t like but the initial reaction is that this might end ...

IE7 and XMLHttpRequest

Over at the IE Blog: IE 7 implements a native XMLHTTPRequest object for Javascript applications, instead of requiring an ActiveXObject to be created. This also means XMLHTTPRequest will function on machines that have ActiveX disabled. Thank you Dean.

JavaScript 1.6

With the upcoming release of Firefox 1.5 Mozilla have decided to increase their JavaScript version number to 1.6. There are basically three new features since 1.5: ECMAScript 4 XML Array Extras Array and String generics Array and String generics means that some of the methods that are available on Array.prototype and String.prototype are now also ...

For Each Loop in Mozilla

I’m not entirely sure when Mozilla started to support for each loops but I guess it was part of the E4X code checkins. Anyway, I was totally shocked when I saw it and I fired up a quick test. var o = {a: "A", b: "B", c: "C"}; for each (var v in o) { ...