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If you’re like me and could not have survived the onslaughter of spam, viruses and real email without Mozilla Thunderbird you might want to consider giving a donation to Scott McGregor and David Bienvenu.

  • http://me.eae.net/ EAE

    Actually I can’t understand why everyone seems so excited about thunderbird. What’s so good about it?

    It’s IMAP support is worse than that in outlook express, the user interface is inconsistent and there’s no search function. – It lacks in several areas and has no real killer function. I fail to understand what there is about it that people like.

    Have I missed something obvious?

  • http://erik.eae.net Erik Arvidsson

    I think you have missed something.

    Even Microsoft persons are praising TB for its excellent IMAP support. http://weblogs.asp.net/omars/archive/2004/02/19/76061.aspx

    To Search: Edit / Find / Search Messages… or right click the folder to search.

    Killer feature? I like the filters, junk features and its support for standards.

    Things that could be improved. The UI is still too much Netscape 4 over it and it feels inconsistent.

  • http://me.eae.net/ EAE

    Oh, they actually had a search function, been trying to find that for months, somehow I though the filter thing was all they had in that area.

    When it comes to IMAP support I won’t be convinced so easily though. Thunderbird is the only client I’ve tried that can’t display the folder tree for my inbox. It loses the connection every few hours, and refuses to reestablish it. It loses track of subscribed folders every now and then, and sometimes completely hides folders in a way that requires a reinstall to get them back. In my world that’s not ‘excellent IMAP support’.

    It STILL has no pure or expunge button (somehow they decided to call it ‘Compact all folders’ and put it under the File menu, and it applies to ALL folders, not just the selected one). Which makes the delete model, described in detail in the IMAP specifications, almost unusable.

    And spam filter as the killer function? Thats something thats supposed to be handled by the mailserver, not the client. Sure, it’s a nice thing to have for those with a mail server that doesn’t support it, but hardly something revolutionary.

  • http://erik.eae.net Erik Arvidsson

    Killer feature? I don’t know if TB has any. I don’t know if any mail client has any killer features. I just know that the ones I listed are some features I like.

    Connection to server lost. You need to set number of concurrent connections to 2. Our IMAP server breaks if this is too large. (There used to be an IDLE bug a while ago but IDLE works really well now.)

    I’ve never had any problems with subscription of my folders.

    They should add a purge command and not have users have to do “Compact this folder” (in the context menu) to remove deleted mails. I guess most TB users use a Trash folder?

    The junk mail feature saved me before we had server side junk mail filtering. I’ve still got it turned on because it gives some extra feedback.