Interview with Emil 4

Me and Emil had the honor of being interviewed by Scott Barnes at

I really enjoyed reading Emil’s answers even though we have discussed these questions before so the answers were not really any suprises.

ps. I cannot believe I forgot to mention SVG. Another interesting subject would also be to write something about Chromeffects + Trident and see how that compares to Avalon.

  • Guilherme Blanco

    Nice interview… I thought I should request a translation to you and at MossyBlog. =)

    Nice answers, I can say, except about writting a DHTML book. You answered so rude that I wouldn’t feel confortable if I recieved that answer.
    Scott pointed a good thing there. You’re DHTML Gurus… why don’t expose some knowledge to people? I don’t mean a paper book… in this case, I agree with Emil.
    I’m talking about an e-book, a tutorial, something like it. It’s very difficult to find hacks, and to read about DHTML hacks around web.

    You should consider my humble opinion. =)

    But anyway… it’s a very nice interview.


  • Erik Arvidsson

    I can see how the answer about writing a book can sound a bit rude. That was never my intention. This shows that I’m not a good writer ;-)

  • MossyBlog

    Yeah, you were so damn rude! hehehe

    No, it wasn’t rude at all. I should thankyou guys one more time for taking time out for me to probe your brains!

    I still think you guys could do a better job at DHTML book or online article(s) atleast then most so called “authors” i’ve read.

    I know people at O`Reillys & New Riders, i can hook you up! hehehe

    (I do technical editing at times and trust me, being an author isn’t that hard… except coming up with a 1000 words each week and getting paid a small cheque at the end… but..its the honour of saying “I wrote a book” that makes it worthwhile)

    Thanks guys.

  • Erik Arvidsson

    I got an offer to write a book when I lived in the States. My room mate, Dan Steinman, was more interested in the deal and if I’m not mistaken he wanted to do it. As far as I know nothing happend though.