Clean MT Comments 5

Since MT-Blacklist does not work with my Movable Type installation and the MT admin interface for comments is slow as fuck I created my own interface for removing comments.

I started out by entering SQL queries directly into PostgreSQL shell and then created a simple XHTML interface for it. The UI shows a table with some of the columns of the DB table and at the top of the table there are text inputs where you can filter the rows. When the text in the inputs change a new query is sent to the web server and the data is updated with the results.

See it in action yourself. Mozilla only!

  • Erik Arvidsson

    Oopops, I guess I managed to delete all comments from 2004-09-*. At least I hope I did that, otherwise it means someone knows my password.

  • Anne

    Heh, too bad.

    By the way, if it already is Moz-only, why not in XUL?

  • Erik Arvidsson

    Good question. The answer is that I’m not that good with XUL yet and trees in XUL are not as easy to use as a sortable table. The table I got cannot really be replaced with a XUL tree. It could possibly be replaced by a XUL grid (or some other elements) though.

  • foO

    this really is too damn kewl, man…. very nice work! :)

    really impressed with just how fast it works… wow. too bad it’s Moz-only, tho… *chuckle*

    /takes a peak at your XSL

  • lol