MSN Web Messenger 27

Microsoft are currently beta testing their DHTML version of MSN Messenger. Not that DHTML chats are something very new. Some nice features of this one are:

  • Looks good (if you like the look of MSN Messenger for Windows you’ll like this one).
  • Currently typing notification
  • Good usability
  • Works in Mozilla, Internet Explorer and Opera 7. Opera is not supported but it works flawlessly (well, I see one minor UI glitch) and it does not really work, it just looks like it work.

The last point is the most important point here. Microsoft are supporting alternative browsers. Another thing that this means is that some people at Micrsoft still believes in Trident as an application framework.

Screenshot of MSN Web Messenger
Screenshot of MSN Web Messenger

I can definately see myself using this on a trip where I can get access to a computer.

  • Guilherme Blanco

    Thanks for the link erik.

    I really enjoy MSN Web Messenger. The first thing I tryed to do when you sent the URL to me is open it in Mozilla… and for my surprise, it works perfectly!

    Something is changing around here and we’re not looking at it… M$ building cross-browser web appz!!! lol =D

  • Erik Arvidsson

    Although Opera seems to work fine on first glance there are some serious usabilities issues, like for example not being able to send or recieve messages.

  • foO

    testing this out (non-registered)

  • Emil A Eklund

    Unfortunately it’s not very reliable, recently tried to use it while on a trip behind a gazillion firewalls and proxies and only about 25% of the messages I sent actually came through to the other party, while it looked like all of them did. To verify this I tried it again back at the office (direct internet access) and to my great disappointment the same problems appeared again. Which makes it quite useless, if I can’t be sure that my messages are actually sent, then why bother? E-mail feels safer although spam is doing it’s best to make that means of communication useless as well.

    Looks good though (assuming you like the way msn looks, which I don’t).

  • Marcus T.

    Well well, first IE5 Mac and now this. Oh, Eklund, this is just a test run for MS. They are putting up with someone else’s software, and the fact they even made the effort and carried out the task is pretty amazing.

    “Come here little Microsoft, can you say ‘Non Propietary’?”


    “Very good, now say,’Open Source’.”




    Sigh. So much for change.

  • Kenny

    how do you get on MSN WEBMESSANGER, at school, we have a filter called webssense? ^_^

  • alaa

    hi i want to chat

  • darleene

    most of the web based msn has been blocked at my school how do i get on??

  • http://msnmessenger emma

    please can u e-mail me some more msn messenger web site becuase the ones we no are all band by the school thank you for your time

  • pedro

    school have fuckin banned it tell us one that wont be

  • tasha

    skwl is crap it bloks everythin

  • dawn

    thx bbz u gt me appy coz nw i cn get online in skwl

  • Nasir Khan Afridi

    pls tell me the way how i can be able to use web messanger for chatting without installing any type of software. In google i serached much bt i really not found any type of msn or yahoo massenger.

    Bye Bye & Allah Hafiz

  • Luke works and is simple and easy and isnt blocked on most networks

  • zoey

    i cant get on msn :@ scholl gets rid of ev xxx

  • Tori

    try, or they all work
    on our school system

  • carla

    plz snd me sumit tht i can go on @ skool cz da nobs ave blocked it all so plz snd me sumit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Eryn

    All of the sites including msn2go, webmessenger, e-messenger, iloveim, msnger, phonefox, mangeloo, and meebo are blocked what else is there to use?

  • Erik Arvidsson

    Eryn: Email? Phone?

  • conor

    i cnt get msn on @ skwl help me

  • Turri

    School sucks ass they dont let you on jack shit. You can try typing in the number thingys that bring you to the site.. like is that worked at my school for a little while! Its blocked now tho

  • becky

    how can i get on a web based msn wen im in scewl … all ov them r bloked !!
    help me plz

  • Carolyn

    Do these only work for a firefox connection?

  • stacey

    can any1 give me msn 2 get on sckool xx

  • Hazz

    Hey we are on websense too…it sucks…grrr… someone email me some decent ones…they have blocked everything, I mean everything…Hazz ( xxx p.s I go to a boarding school so this is an urgent matter :P x x x

  • tatty


    o my goodness every web based messenger is blocked!! that sucks!!!
    ahh well!will just have to do my ICT work i guess hehehe.
    God Bless


  • BlueTurtle

    oh darn…
    everything is so blocked in my office too… anything that falls under the category “CHAT”. Anyone knows any web based msn site that doesn’t fall under the “CHAT” category??? =(