Yahoo buys Oddpost 4

Oddpost is most likely the best web application I’ve seen and it is a proof that DHTML can be used to create rich web applications. The second best web application I’ve seen is Halfbrain. This should come as no shock that Oddpost and Halfbrain comes from the same genius hive mind.

I got the news that Yahoo has acquired Oddpost from a co-worker and I think this is a very strategic move by Yahoo. This will make them kick Gmail’s ass when it comes to UI and usability.

If you haven’t browsed the Oddpost universe before I think you should now. Be sure to read the funny FAQ and Oddblog. Do these guys have personal blogs? I would love to read those.

  • http:/// Emil A Eklund

    Guess thats good news for all users of yahoo, unlike most other larger it companies they tend to do something good with the stuff they buy. Hopefully it will encourage others to develop dhtml applications as well, they are still quite rare.

  • foO

    this is great news! and i have confidence that Yahoo will do something with it, as well, though it might not be part of their “free” email service… but we’ll have to wait and see, i suppose.

    i remember see’n some DHTML on their SBC broadband site (members only, unfortantely) that was pretty kewl and surprised me… lil foreshadowing of what’s to come? heh.

  • Bertrand Le Roy

    Outlook Web Access is a pretty amazing web application too. It almost feels exactly like the desktop application.

  • David S

    I think they’ll be hard pressed to beat Gmail. Trying to mimic a desktop application in a web browser isn’t necessarily a good thing (from what I’ve seen, Oddpost is like Outlook Express Online). I use Gmail for all my mail now and instead of mimicing what is out there, it uses the web to its advantage and makes a new, more intuitive client.

    Innovate, don’t replicate.