Joel on Microsoft APIs 4

One of my favorite blogs is Joel on Software. He wrote a great article about How Microsoft Lost the API War. Near the end of it he gets to the web and he writes what I’ve been saying for at least the last few years:

It’s not that Microsoft didn’t notice this was happening. Of course they did, and when the implications became clear, they slammed on the brakes. Promising new technologies like HTAs and DHTML were stopped in their tracks. The Internet Explorer team seems to have disappeared; they have been completely missing in action for several years. There’s no way Microsoft is going to allow DHTML to get any better than it already is: it’s just too dangerous to their core business, the rich client.

  • Emil
  • foO

    is it just me, or is the whole IE debate heating up again? ;)

    which is a damn good thing, if you ask me. heh.

    my only problem is this sense of getting my hopes up, but feel’n as though it’s a false one… like the proverbial carrot before the horse. if the “new” IE comes out and doesn’t even come close to hitting the mark, then it’ll be a serious letdown, and the turn to browsers like Firefox will be even stronger. in another year, you’ll start to see sites with big banners saying “sorry asswipe, yer browser sucks. download firefox.” hahahaha

    i just wonder if they are even listening at all, really… *shrugs*

  • Erik Arvidsson

    Thanks for the link Emil.

    I’m glad to hear that Dave Massy is back as a program manager at IE (from Avalon). This must mean something.

    However, Dave Massy wrote that “Investment in IE is NOT a Stop-Gap” (at ). The sad part about this blog entry is that what Dave is actually writing is just strengthening the argument that IE is a stop gap since there will be no updates except security updates until Longhorn. What about Window NT5.x?

  • Emil A Eklund

    Thats just sad. Oh well, hopefully mozilla can take over before longhorn comes out. Even CERT recommends people to replace IE now.