WMP10 == Spy Ware? 4

I downloade Windows Media Player 10 beta a few days ago. I like it but as soon as I start it I see that my download goes from 0 to about 40kb/s. As soon as I close WMP it goes down to 0 again. I have no idea why it is behaving this way. Does anyknow know what is goinb on here?

  • http://www.pontukom.com Guilherme Blanco

    Seems that WMP10 stays downloading news, pages, information (like ID3Tags), etc. while being executed.
    Telling about a Beta, it’s not a problem that M$ stay tracing users with it, and get error reports, logs and other nice data of users. =)

  • http://erik.eae.net Erik Arvidsson

    I guess you are right… I just think that seeing it go up to 40kb/s just scared the shit out of me so I started searching for reasons for it and I could not find anything. If there had been an option to automatically send usage info during beta or some other visible information I would not mind.

  • http://avitar.net David

    M$ Media Player 10 is the devil. I see no reason to upgrade.

    If they had any decent ppl over there they would stop that bs asap. They are only making ppl hate them more. I firewall all that bs so it never gets off my system.

    This is not the first program they made with talkback, i doubt it will be the last.

  • http://erik.eae.net Erik Arvidsson

    Actually I like WMP for listening to MP3s. I’ve tried to switch to other applications but I’ve yet to find something better. It basically comes down to that the alternatives use ugly, non standard interfaces, their library feature is not as good or they’re bloated/buggy (winamp, musicmatch and itunes).