Network Borked 2

Since I was upgrader from 8/0.8 MBit/s ADSL to 13/13 MBit/s VDSL my network has been really crappy but today it hit an all time low. Take a look at this packet loss!

  • Erik Arvidsson

    It has unsurprisingly gotten a lot worse… downloading is now below 50 kbit/s (with a packet loss of 7% to my gateway) and ping is too slow to do anything. I haven’t had such a bad connection since… well ever! Heck, even modems back in the days were more reliable!

    If you live in Sweden and are considering BoStream? Don’t!

  • Erik Arvidsson

    Still not working. Damn I wish there was some alternative to waiting for this POS.

    If anyone knows an ISP that provides 8/8 MBit/s ADSL/DSL in Sweden I would love to go and tell BoStream to fuck themselves.