Change from MT? 1

I’m considering switching from Movable Type to WordPress. The main reason is that I fucking hate how MT has to rebuild everything all the fucking time. Why not build it upon first request and then cache it?

Wanted features:

  • Needs to run on BSD, Apache 2, MySQL or PostGreSQL (Perl, PHP, Mono, Whatever++)
  • Should be able to send as application/xhtml+xml whenever the UA supports it and fall back to text/html for Mosaic and IE
  • Easy to use and configure… I don’t have the time to write my own blog engine
  • Must be able to import from MT
  • Sane URIs. No crap in the URIs please!

I think WordPress migh fulfill my needs. Does anyone have any experience with it or knows any other free and/or open source blog engine?

  • Martey

    I actually switched from MT to WordPress (WP) yesterday. It was relatively painless, although I did have to do some MySQL database editing (WP creates a default “admin” user, so if you import your MT entries, a second user is created).

    You can customize URI structure, but I found that once I had created individual post pages, the links for monthly pages no longer worked. I changed back to the default WP URIs ( and used mod_rewrite stuff in my .htaccess to make sure my old MT links would still work.