Sortable Table and Tasman?

I got an email claiming that Sortable Table does not work in IE Mac.

This is part of my reply and since I feel that I cannot get Sortable Table to work in Tasman without help I’m posting this here.

We do want Sortable Table to work in Mac IE 5 and Mac MSN but it is very hard to do debugging by email. Sortable Table only uses standard DOM methods so it works in all browsers that supports standards and Tasman (the rendering engine for Mac MSN and Mac IE) is one of the best engines when it comes to standards so I’m really surprised that this isn’t working.

To get this fixed I can see 3 possible routes:

  1. Do debugging over VNC or remote desktop on someone else’s Mac OSX
  2. Buy a Mac
  3. Report this to Tantek Çelik or someone else on the Tasman team because this is really a bug in their rendering engine.

If someone with a Mac could explain where and why Tasman bugs out or any other relevant information I would be grateful.