Bloggin 3

A few days back I promised myself that I would blog daily. When I sat down tonight I had a hard time to come up with something so I thought about what Guilherme told me the other day, “Just blog about what you did today”.

I currently have all my windows open, candles lit and listening to DJ Shadow here in the dark. Very cosy. It is still way too warm though, but the breeze is nice. If the current trend continues I think Swedes will start buying AC. Buy stocks in an AC company and you are guaranteed to get your money back…

I saw that Longhorn build 4074 is available at MSDN. I should try it out but I just don’t feel all that exited about Avalon any more. I think a blew all my interest after the PDC ;-)

On a related note, Mono released Beta 1 yesterday. I haven’t actually tried Mono but I like reading the Mono devs’ weblogs . At the moment I’m more interested in Mono than .NET due to the future of Mozilla which Brendan posted about a while back.

  • Guilherme Blanco

    Thanks for remembering my suggestion, erik.

  • foO

    ….you don’t have or use A/C? *blink*

    …you have candles in your office at work?

    damnit. i’m working in the WRONG place, that’s for sure… geeeeeeeeeeeesh.

  • Erik Arvidsson

    In Sweden we have radiators to heat up the buildings but we don’t have AC to cool down the buildings.

    Office? I work from home.