Mozilla Update 3

It seems Firefox will get its own Windows Mozilla Update. Ben Goodger has put some design documents on his personal web server and I must say that it looks very promising.

I just hope that they got som good designers on this. Although I think looks good I think that the update sites should blend in more with the Firefox UI. I think the layout should have the look and feel like the installer, extension manager and options combined. This is one thing I like about Windows Update, it actually feels like an extension to Windows, not like a random web page out there (like Looking at the design documents I’m afraid that the Mozilla Update site might not make it to Firefox 0.9 but as long as it is complete for for 1.0 I’m a happy camper.

It would also be interesting to see som usage of XUL here although I understand if wants to stay with HTML to allow access to non Gecko browsers.

  • foO

    “allow access to non Gecko browsers.”

    isn’t that blasphemy?! ;)

    /clicks the Post btn under IE6… muahaha

  • Erik Arvidsson

    Maybe you could kick up some more graphical concepts than the ascii art provided by Ben?

  • John Larsen

    Windows update doesn’t work with Mozilla, and why should it? So why should mozilla update work outside of mozilla? It should redirect to a page telling what it is and what mozilla is though, definatly.