Bindows Developer 4

We are currently in need of another developer working with Bindows. The job would include working with the core design of the GUI toolkit as well as writing rich client applications. Requirements include XML, JS, OOP and deep understanding of modern GUI toolkits like Swing or WinForms. Knowledge and interest of XML based user interfaces such as XUL, Flex, Lazlo and XAML/Avalon will also be very useful.

Bindows 1.10 coming soon…

  • Dylan Greene

    What kind of job is this? Fulltime, part-time, unpaid?

  • Erik Arvidsson

    Full time and paid.

  • Guilherme Blanco

    I hope you find this guys, erik.

    Maybe in… 100 years I can reach the requirements you put for the job. lol Just kidding… I don’t have enough time for the job.

    But anyway…. it’s good to see you posting something in your blog again! =)


  • IE Team

    Explorer will always be the best browser. Don”t you dare install Firefox or we will sue you.

    IE Team