IE7 4

Dean Edwards is on a killing spree. A few weeks back I posted about his MS behavior emulation for Mozilla. Now his goal is to improve IE6 to support more standards, mostly CSS2, using scripting.

The main idea behind the script is to go through the CSS rules and modify them to rules that IE understands and then wherever necessary add event handlers to support interactive pseudo classes like :hover, :active and :focus. There also other less CSS-related fixes like adding support for ownerDocument in IE55.

Dean also emulates min-width, max-width, min-height and max-height but I haven’t seen that in action and I’m not sure how this can be achieved with IE’s broken overflow model. I guess switching to overflow hidden might be acceptablt in a few cases but this will most likely not follow the standard.

Dean, if you read this you might want to look at our Box Sizing behavior.

  • Jonas Galvez

    He seems to have taken the files down for some reason. Would you be so kind to e-mail me them?

  • Dean Edwards

    I do read your web log Erik! IE7 was not really supposed to be live yet. max/min-width/height are listed as targets, as is the box-model. I recently received an email from Anne van Kesteren regarding IE’s dodgy width & height properties. These are all connected. Although I have succesfully trapped the max/min-width/height properties, the behaviour of these attributes is untested – that is why I have withheld the test pages. Although I haven’t said so on my web-site. I want the IE7 plugin to be practically invisible. That means, minimal pollution of the JavaScript namespace, no alterations of the DOM and as few CSS hacks as possible. So any “fixes” that overstretch the above guidleines I’ll probably leave out. Killing spree indeed!

  • Erik Arvidsson

    I’m still waiting to see the width/min-width/max-width fixes in action… I can’t even imagine how these can be fixed in IE6 without changing the structure of the document.

  • Dean Edwards

    You can see these fixes in action pretty soon! I plan a new release in a few days. min/max-width/height are actually pretty easy to fix. But “overflow:visible”, is another matter. That is what I cannot fix without altering the structure of the document. My suggestion is, for the time being, page designers should alter the structure of their documents…
    Of course I could just be kopping out of a hard job! :D