SPAM Overload 3

These last 24 hours I’ve been getting around 500 spam mails per hour. The amount of spam we get actually forced us to turn off Spam Assassin and the virus checker running on our mail server because these were making the server come to a crawl and making anything email related too painful to accept.

Fortunately, I’m also using client side spam filters (Mozilla Thunderbird and Opera M2) which both use Bayesian filtering. Still, I’m a bit afraid that I’m getting false positives, and therefore missing important mails. I suspect that TB cannot handle the amount of mails I have (10k+) and it has been having trouble identifying the most obvious spam mails (the microsoft security update mails) recently. Lately I’ve also been a bit lazy when training the filters. Select All, Mark as Spam. Go to junk folder and search for WebFX, Bindows and a few other legit words and unmark the matches. Shift-delete to permanently delete a few thousands of spam mails from wasting our server resources.

If you have sent me emails during the last couple of days I really recommend you try again and make sure the subject is descriptive. You might also want to try to send me an IM or post a message to one of the 2 forums I maintain.

I’m about to start using TMDA but I’m not quite there yet. I’m afraid that it might scare computer illiterate people off.

  • Emil

    This seems to be the easiest way to get ahold of you :)

    Spam update: All virus and spam detection systems has been offloaded to another machine now, freatly recuding the load of the mailserver, allowing them to be reactivated.

  • Erik Arvidsson

    Good news

  • Pancho

    Good looking site!