Still no new server 4

Last year we bought a new server for and moved all the content over. Just a day or so after that some parts of the server hardware broke and we had to order new parts. I was expecting this to be a quick fix but for some reason we are still using the old server.

My initial plan was to wait with the blogging until the new server was up so I did not have to redo the import and all that but it is obvious that it has taken too much time and a blog without any updates are kind of stupid so I’m back to trying to get some shit down.

  • Script Daddy!

    Erik …. I know your really busy at the moment, but I was wondering if you were going to restart the WDW3 project?

  • Erik Arvidsson

    It is all up to Emil. I’m willing to put more of my spare time into things like these :-)

  • Script Daddy!

    cool …. it would good to see what you and Emil can come up with.

  • Emil A Eklund

    Judging from the fact that it takes me two months to get spare parts for a server I guess it’s fair to say that spare time is not something I got to spare at the moment… Guess I should try to cut down on my hours.

    By the way, the parts have actually arrived and the server has ben running for about a week, however I want to make sure it will actually work this time before we move everything again.
    And the internet connection down here is _very_ slow, so that doesn’t make things any easier. There are about 16,000 persons sharing a 128k connection. The irony is that the company is the public phone company, and they’re actually to cheap to purchase a faster link from _themselves_.