New Server 3

We’ve finally updated the server running This means that this weblog should not be so ridiculously slow any more and that WebFX should be usable again.

We’re still in the process of updating everything so there might be some issues left for a day or so.

  • Erik Arvidsson

    The order of the recent comments seems to have been reset when importing the old data.

  • foO

    great to hear, bud :) seems like you’ve been having some server issues of late, but it sure seems to be zipping along at a nice clip now… *thumbs up*

    btw, isnt XAML just for Windows (not the web), or did i miss something? i kinda got the impression it was for both web/windows under Longhorn, but it seems rather confusing to me… Flex does look promising, tho. hell, i hate Flash but i might give it a go with Flex ;)

  • Erik Arvidsson

    XAML as it is now is only for Longhorn. It will not allow you to run applications from the web. At the moment it works much like WinForms hosted on the net and we all know how much that has taken off.

    Since Flex requires a java server and the flex server it is really not an option either… heck… this just leaves XUL as a real world choice unless you want to stick to classic DHTML apps.