FeedDemon and Mozilla 4

I’ve been using FeedDemon as my aggregator lately. Unfortunately it uses IE as the internal browser so I was forced to open up all pages in an external instance of Mozilla Firebird. This works fairly well but it is a bit annoying.

However, today I managed to patch FeedDemon to use Adam Lock’s Mozilla ActiveX Control 1.5. This was really easy.

  1. Download Mozilla ActiveX Control 1.5 and install it. I guess one could use the one packaged with Mozilla Firebird but this one did not work out of the box.
  2. Download a small program called IEPatcher. I found this from a different site that has some good information.
  3. Run the IEPatcher.exe and select the FeedDemon directory and patch the FeedDemon.exe file
  4. This creates a file called moz_FeedDemon.exe. Run this and update all your shortcuts to point to this exe file instead.
  • Bob Chao

    Is this work in the final version of FeedDemon? After I press the “patch” button, I still got “Nothing to patch”…

  • http://erik.eae.net Erik Arvidsson

    I realized that FD1.0 cannot be pathced. I’ll test it tonight with the new Mozilla 1.6 ActiveX control and see if it is still the case.

  • Bob

    Active-X is working in Mozilla 1.6 after I installed the plugin. When I run IE to Mozilla patcher I too get “Nothing to patch.”

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